Fortune telling

Fortune telling

Since ancient times, people have sought to know their future in order to understand what to do in a given situation. The most popular predictions were astrological forecasts, maps, fortune telling on coffee grounds. Any of these methods works, if you believe, correctly read the signs. It is not necessary to be a congenital fortuneteller to unravel coffee grounds. You can learn this practice yourself at home with a great desire. Today we will learn how to guess by coffee grounds, we will learn the meaning of the drawings.


This method is relatively simple, and is available to everyone. You can learn it yourself if you take the process seriously. Each received sign tells important information, so the main task of almost any fortune-telling is its correct interpretation. To do this, you need to own a developed imagination, to be able to disassemble logical chains.

If a fortuneteller decrypts a picture that is formed from coffee grounds, then you can find answers to the treasured questions. Judging by the reviews, this method is quite effective, a coincidence of 90%. The ritual itself is quite simple, anyone can handle it.


For divination, you will need natural coffee. It is better to purchase whole grains, grind them yourself with a nibbler or coffee grinder, then brew. You need to brew with the help of the Turks. During cooking, try to be in complete silence, relax, ask a question that you are looking for an answer to, focus on, think only about it.

What and how to prepare

For cooking, you will need 100 g of water, 2 tsp. ground coffee. Cook at low heat according to all the rules. When the drink is ready, remove it from the heat, pour into a white mug. It is very important that the mug does not contain distracting drawings. Allow to cool slightly, take a mug with your right hand, drink the contents in small sips. Stay focused all this time, think about one question, constantly ask it, while maintaining confidence, calmness.

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When there is only thick left in the mug, grab it with your left hand, rotate from right to left so that the contents mix. Now cover the mug with a clean, white saucer, flip over, wait a while for the contents to glass. Remove the mug with your left hand, now you can do the decoding of the characters.


Fortune-tellers often decipher signs from the thick, but you can learn how to do it yourself. Here you will need your ingenuity, imagination, listen to intuition, the answers that come from the depths of the soul.

To consider the pattern from the thick, start from the left edge of the cup to the middle of the bottom, then consider the right edge to the middle of the bottom. After that, take a good look at the bottom of the cup. Learn the saucer last. The prophecy will tell about important events in clear, expressive drawings. Much depends on the size of the drawing – the larger it is, the stronger will be its vital influence. Each side of the bowl is responsible for a certain period of fate.

Symbols at the very edge of the cup describe the present or near future. The signs of the future will be described in the thick from the bottom of the bowl, and the past will remain on the saucer. The closer the symbols are to the handle of the circle, the more they connect with you. Opposite the handle on the right are events that will soon leave your life. The drawings opposite the pen symbolize the upcoming events.

Coffee stains speak of life’s problems. The more of them, the more problems. Do not get upset with bad, sad predictions. In fact, it all depends on your choice. Predictions warn you of what may happen, but you are in a position to change the course of events.

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Let’s deal with fortune-telling on our own on coffee grounds, and learn how to make a drink. It has long been a belief that liquid is a carrier of information, energy. Touching a person, she absorbs his energy. That is why coffee divination brings results, reveals the innermost secrets of man. For the whole process to go correctly, successfully, you need to adhere to the main recommendations:

A fortuneteller should prepare a drink – a person who is looking for answers to his questions.

It is very important to adhere to the ratio of water to coffee. Be sure of a positive result. Constantly scroll through the question in your head, mentally pronounce it clearly, confidently. Wait for the answer, concentrate on receiving it. Try to drive away doubts, extraneous thoughts. While reading characters from the thick, listen to your heart, intuition. The answer will come from the depths of your soul.

More Some Secrets


To fully unravel the symbols from the thick, you need to gain experience. Even if you don’t know all the possible pictures of their meanings, it will come over time, you will learn how to draw parallels between pictures and life situations. Now let’s look at the most popular characters, read their meanings.

Thick geometrical figures:

  • A whole circle of thick is a symbol of masculinity, means strength, luck, happiness.
  • Two hemispheres – this is the feminine, which is associated with wisdom, divine support.
  • A square, a cross, a grid warn of suffering. But they are also a symbol of purification. You need to abandon insidious thoughts, and resolve any issues peacefully.
Coffee Drawings
Coffee Drawings
  • The triangle symbolizes power. Help will come from outside, luck will replace difficulties. An inverted triangle portends trouble. Ahead of you are difficulties, intrigues.
  • Rhombus is a symbol of change. In your life, the old will be replaced by something new.
  • The star promises success, financial well-being.
  • If the drawings are crossed out by an even, bold line, then they have the opposite meaning. A wavy line promises good luck.
  • Two faces nearby – mutual love. If there is a strip between them – to separation.
  • If around two people, persons a circle has formed – to marriage.
  • The eye promises strange events, conspiracies, warns of danger.
  • The tree is a symbol of fulfillment of desires.
  • Often you can consider animals. Much depends on where they are located. To read their meaning will help the character of the animal. Smart, strong animals promise good, cunning, evil – failure. For example, a dog symbolizes a friend, friendship, but a tiger – aggression. Birds warn of news.
  • Buildings mean success, happiness. If it was possible to consider a person in a building – this is a disease, a conclusion.
  • A candle broadcasts about the fulfillment of your desires.
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How often is it possible to practice fortune telling?

Many people wonder how often it is possible to engage in fortune telling, is it possible for pregnant women to divine on coffee grounds? It is better for pregnant women to abandon any fortune-telling about their betrothed or their fate. Also, there is no point in doing this during menstruation. Fortune telling is a kind of ritual, which is best done at most 1 time per month.

There are people who do this daily, but their internal fears and insecurities are their engine. Believers cannot be divined during church holidays. Christmas is an exception.

We told you the basic principles of divination on coffee grounds, described the meaning of some symbols. This ritual is as simple as fortune telling on the usual 36 cards. During fortune telling, you can make a wish. A similar ritual can be performed with tea, information about this may be of interest to you.

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