Basic rules of divination by hand

Basic rules of divination by hand

How is it interesting for us sometimes to look into the future, to predict what awaits us, and to find out our fate by fortune-telling by cards, predicting some events by the clock or during the beloved morning ritual of many, by fortune telling by coffee grounds.

In childhood, we often used fortune telling by books, opening a specific page and reading what fate had prepared for us. Today we will consider a no less popular method of fortune telling – by hand. This method claims that our destiny has long been written in our palm: lines, tubercles are just those unique drawings, guessing along which and looking at our hands, we can open the veil of secrecy and briefly look into the future.

When asked how to read fortunes by hand, we will be answered by a teaching called palmistry.


A very important question of palmistry is which hand to guess at.

It is believed that the lines on the dominant hand are what you were born with, and on the other, what you have acquired during your life. The hand on which palmists divine to women is the opposite of divination to men.

For the fair sex, the right hand is what she was born with, and the left hand is what she acquired. For men, everything is exactly the opposite.

Did you know? In order to guess yourself, you need to find 4 main lines in the palm of your hand:

  1. heart;
  2. the mind;
  3. life;
  4. fate.
how to read hand?
how to read hand?


Responsible for emotional stability, romantic relationships, heart health. It is located in the palm of your hand under the index finger and leads to the little finger. She may be:

  1. short, which shows a restrained character, as well as the fact that a person is unusually violent manifestation of emotions and romance;
  2. long and curve – the ability to vividly express emotions. Most likely, this is a very impressionable person;
  3. the line that leads to the base of the second finger indicates that the person seeks to do everything perfectly, he is demanding of himself and others, and is a perfectionist;
  4. ends near the middle finger – a selfish person who first of all thinks about himself and his benefit;
  5. ends between the middle and forefinger – a friendly person who has many friends and admirers. Such people are very sincere and sociable;
  6. if the circle crosses the line, then this indicates that the person is experiencing or has experienced stress. His psychological state is unstable, and he may be depressed.
  7. with breaks – evidence of emotional trauma.
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It will help determine the level of mental abilities. It happens:

  1. long – characteristic of a person with a clear mind and a high level of concentration;
  2. with bends – a creative and talented mind;
  3. short – logic prevails over fantasies;
  4. crosses and circles – inability to fully express emotions;
  5. the straight line is a realist.
palmistry: how to guess on which hand
palmistry: how to guess on which hand


Arcs from thumb to wrist. How many years a person is destined to live does not depend on the line of life. It indicates physical health, indicates major changes and well-being, and it happens:

  1. meandering, which indicates an energetic person;
  2. long and clear – vitality;
  3. short and shallow indicates that the person is easy to manipulate and very impressive;
  4. direct – caution;
  5. if there are gaps, they indicate that there can be drastic changes in the lifestyle;
  6. the presence of several lines suggests that a person is very inventive;
how to read hand for love?
how to read hand for love?


The vertical line from the wrist to the fingers, which is not present in everyone. If it is absent, then the person does not seek to clearly formulate a life goal and to achieve it step by step. They usually go with the flow and do not want to change their lives
Well, those who were lucky enough to watch her on their own hands are naturally endowed with luck and luck. This is said about them – “Lucky!” Here is the fate line:

  1. deep – a person’s life is very much controlled;
  2. intersects with the line of life – there is support for relatives;
  3. crosses the line of life in the center – a caring person with a sympathetic soul;
  4. begins with a life line – a person decides his fate.
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Divination by love

The question of marriage and the search for love is perhaps the most important in the life of every girl. Palmists say that by guessing by the hand, you can see how many marriages will be in the future or how many children will be.

Look at the line of the heart. Depending on its length and the place where it begins, it can be interpreted as follows:

  • if it starts from the index finger, then you will not need love;
  • from the middle finger – perhaps you are selfish, and you should reconsider your behavior in a relationship .;
  • from the middle of the palm – speaks of amorousness and recklessness;
  • a straight and short line is evidence that you are not too worried about a love relationship;
  • a long one means that you are a sensitive and emotional person;
  • wavy is characteristic of frivolous people prone to polygamy;
  • the gap may indicate a deep psychological trauma.
How to guess on the hand along the lines?
How to guess on the hand along the lines?


It can be seen on the edge of the palm. Depending on the location, you can see whether there will be an early or late marriage. The closer to the line of the heart, the earlier the marriage, and the further – the later.

According to fortune-telling, if there is a branch at the end of the marriage line, this indicates a divorce, and a straight line indicates a happy union.

Small stripes that move away from the line are children. How many stripes, so the number of children is possible. Long lines are boys, and short lines are girls.

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According to palmists, the combination of the life lines of fate at one point indicates that a person will not have problems with money. If you make efforts, you can achieve significant success in life, including financial.
People who, on the basis of the line of the mind have a branch up, down or sideways, are able to attract money to themselves. They certainly won’t need them.

Also, the deeper the life span, the financial wealth will be higher, and if there is a triangle in the very center of the palm, at the intersection of the line of mind and destiny, then this is a very rare sign that indicates a great wealth of money.

Today we figured out how you can learn to guess on your hand yourself along the lines, knowing 4 main and several additional ones. Use this knowledge to look a little into the future, but remember that we ourselves build our destiny, and the dashes on the hand are not a panacea for all problems and do not guarantee that you will have 5 children and 3 marriages. Sometimes you need to check your hands, because the stripes tend to change every few years.

Write in the comments how you feel about palmistry, have you tried to guess yourself, acquaintances or friends by the hand, and how many of all that we wrote about have come true, and what, in your opinion, should not be paid attention to?

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